March 2, 2010


I have family and friends who have gone through the pregnancy thing before me and have heard their stories about how you feel, what you feel and all the other jazz that goes with it. However, it still doesn't completely prepare you for what you body does!

The first two weeks I lost five pounds because I couldn't eat a full meal...I had to snack all day every day! I never knew I could feel so hungry ALL the time! This baby is the size of a medium shrimp...where is all the food going?? It's just amazing to me that I still need to eat every few hours or I start to feel overly hungry! As far as cravings go...I craved certain foods before I was pregnant so it's hard to tell for sure what are pregnancy cravings! Here are a few things I have found myself or the baby wanting: pickles, Josh's hamburger (I ate over half of it when he went to the bathroom), McDonald's fries, LOTS of fruit, and Salt and Vinegar chips (Pringles).

I can also see the "pregnancy brain" kicking in already! Yikes! I thought that was suppose to happen later on in the pregnancy! It's amazing how easily I can forget things.

The other major pregnancy thing is just how tired I am all the time...even when I sleep in until 10 a.m.! Everyone says my energy should be coming back soon since I will be 14 weeks tomorrow! Let's hope so because March is a super busy month for us!

My next doctor appointment is scheduled for April 14th. At that appointment we will have another ultra sound where they take a bunch of measurements to make sure the baby is growing well. We will also find out if my due date is accurate and we can find out the gender! We do plan to find out the long as they can tell for sure that it is a girl or boy! If they are questioning it, we will wait! :)

This is all just so surreal to me...still! I can't believe there is a baby growing inside of me. God does amazing things!

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