August 21, 2011

Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I want to introduce you to a company I had never heard of until recently, Straight Talk. Straight Talk is a TracFone type service with no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. I started reading about this plan in order to save money from our current phone bill. 

We currently (not with Straight Talk) have unlimited text, unlimited data plan on my husband's phone, and 700 minutes and it cost us quite a bit!! Well with Straight Talk you can get an unlimited monthly service for $45 which includes calls, text, picture messaging and web! That is our bill cut in half (at least)! How much money could you save by switching to Straight Talk? What would you do with that extra money? Can you imagine only paying $499 a year for unlimited minutes, texts, pictures and web use!?!

There are also a couple other plans including the "All you need plan" which is for heavy cell phone users. It includes 1,000 minutes, 1,000 text messages and 30 MB of Web data. 

mom knows best

A couple features that are included with the Straight Talk plans are...

1. All 411 calls are FREE of charge!! 

2. No activation fees, termination fees or reactivation fees!!

Straight Talk also offers long distance plans that allow you to make prepaid calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates. 

call a friend

And guess don't have to have plain, boring cell phones with the Straight Talk plan...that's right! They have phones from LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. You can also get phones starting at $10.00 that include things like a camera, Bluetooth capabilities, video, voice navigation, and more!

everything you need

For more information check out this video: 

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To hear some testimonies check out this video:

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

After reading all about Straight Talk I feel this is a good plan, especially for those on a budget! I am going to finish my research and see if this plan is right for our family. I have big plans for all the money we will save if we switch. 

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August 18, 2011

Italian Cream Soda

Last night I decided to make some Italian Cream Sodas for the Senior High students at our church during their YouTube Movie night! 

With help from a few other leaders they were a success!

Here is the recipe:

Italian Cream Sodas
8oz. Ginger Ale
3 TBSP. Flavored Syrup (my favorite is Raspberry)
2 TBSP Half and Half

They are SUPER easy to make...
We used 16 oz glasses which were perfect size. 
Have the cup 1/2 full of ice then start adding ingredients. 

Pour in the Ginger Ale first...

Then add your flavored syrup...

Then add your Half and Half...

Stick a straw in and stir...

Then enjoy...

I thought I would show you how cheap you can make these drinks. Last night I made 24 (16 oz) drinks. Here is the break down in cost. I bought everything at Cub Foods with no coupons.  

10 lbs of ice: $1.95 
(*I later found out you can get a 10 lb bag at Arby's for $1)
Cups (for 24): $1.20
Straws (for 100): $0.85
Ginger Ale (off brand): $2.40 (for 3-2 liters)
Half and Half: $1.35 (used 1)
I had the flavored syrup already..can't remember the price. Bought it at Sam's Club, I believe around $4 and it's a large bottle. Cub was $4.99 for a small bottle (I didn't buy it).

Each drink was around $0.30 give or take a few cents since I can't remember the syrup cost. I bought mine at Sam's Club and if you have to buy it at Cub or Walmart your cost will go up more then at Sam's Club.

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August 12, 2011

Little Man's Top Ten Updates

Here is the Little Man's Top Ten Updates...

10. E went to work with me today for the whole day! He got to play with 3 other friends in the infant room while I worked the desk. He had a bit of a rough day because he has been extra clingy to me (and Josh) ever since Josh was gone for two weeks for work. He played, napped a little (only 35 minutes), laughed, cried, screamed, ate and pooped! 

9. My little 11 month old is not so little...

8. He has three more teeth coming in, all on top. Yep, 5 teeth in all! These top three have been a pain!! Poor little boy!! 

7. E LOVES being outside! 

6. E LOVES to wrestle with his daddy!! 

5. We have the plannings of his FIRST birthday party underway! *Think Baseball*

I sent out these "save the dates" via email. 
(Real invites will be mailed) 

4. E climbs on EVERYTHING!! 

3. E went down the slide for the first time! At first he didn't know what to think. But the second time down he laughed!!

2. E loves bath time...mommy does not! He splashes and tries to lunge in and out...but he loves it so I shouldn't complain! 

1. Right now one of his favorite things...Elmo!! We have a little Elmo, a Spanish speaking Elmo and then of Elmo!

Hope you enjoyed the Top Ten update for today! Happy Friday!

August 10, 2011

National S'more Day

Yep you read that is National S'more Day! What a good day!! I mean, a day set aside to be guilt free for eating ooey gooey marshmallows smothered in melted chocolate in between two graham crackers! Aaahh! Anyone else want one right now?!?!

Well in honor of S'more Day the little man and I are going to make two different recipes. We are going to make S'more Brownies and S'more Rolls.

The S'more Brownies are found on but I can't find where I first saw the S'more Roll/S'more Croissant recipe. I know how to make them...but want to give credit where it is due.

After we make them this evening I will post pictures! Anyone making anything for National S'more Day??

P.S. If you want to read a little about National S'more Day check out this link.

August 7, 2011

Cole turns 1!

I had the honor of photographing cute little Cole! He turned one this summer so I headed out to his house for a photo shoot (of both him and mom/dad)! Here are some of the images...

August 6, 2011

Photo Challenge

Tonight I am posting a photo of my little man...who is 11 months old today! Yikes, where did the time go?!?

I did a little impromptu "photo shoot" with him so I could make a Save the Date invite for his 1st birthday party! Any guesses to the theme? Ha ha!

I am linking up this photo to The Paper Mama: Photo Challenge. 

August 5, 2011


Since I have been MIA again, I decided to throw out a quick blog answering some questions from Ria at Life as a Wife.

Here are the questions that Ria asked on her blog:

1. Whatcha up to this weekend?
2. What do you love most about August?
3. What are you looking forward to about September?

Here are my answers...

1. This weekend we are just playing it low key until Sunday when we have our annual church picnic and baptisms at Elm Creek. 

2. I like August because it means fall is getting a little closer (perfect weather, leaves changing, pumpkin patches, apple orchards), but I also dislike August for the same reason...summer is almost over. 

3. I am looking forward to September this year because Elijah is turning one!!! Where did the year go? Seriously, anyone else remember me just announcing I was pregnant, here? I am very excited because I have a exciting Baseball Birthday planned for him.

PLUS we get to see our DEAR friends, Emily and Jon Lemmon, who are currently living in CA, but will be here for a week!! September is going to be grand! 

Us and the Lemmon's when we went to see them in CA!