August 12, 2011

Little Man's Top Ten Updates

Here is the Little Man's Top Ten Updates...

10. E went to work with me today for the whole day! He got to play with 3 other friends in the infant room while I worked the desk. He had a bit of a rough day because he has been extra clingy to me (and Josh) ever since Josh was gone for two weeks for work. He played, napped a little (only 35 minutes), laughed, cried, screamed, ate and pooped! 

9. My little 11 month old is not so little...

8. He has three more teeth coming in, all on top. Yep, 5 teeth in all! These top three have been a pain!! Poor little boy!! 

7. E LOVES being outside! 

6. E LOVES to wrestle with his daddy!! 

5. We have the plannings of his FIRST birthday party underway! *Think Baseball*

I sent out these "save the dates" via email. 
(Real invites will be mailed) 

4. E climbs on EVERYTHING!! 

3. E went down the slide for the first time! At first he didn't know what to think. But the second time down he laughed!!

2. E loves bath time...mommy does not! He splashes and tries to lunge in and out...but he loves it so I shouldn't complain! 

1. Right now one of his favorite things...Elmo!! We have a little Elmo, a Spanish speaking Elmo and then of Elmo!

Hope you enjoyed the Top Ten update for today! Happy Friday!

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  1. Very cute Daph!! I love that you call him E. thats what everyone calls eric at work :)


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