January 27, 2012

Mary Kay Cosmetics

I LOVE Mary Kay Cosmetics! I have used their products for years...since I was 15-16 (well I snuck some makeup when I was younger...but ssshh). Because I loved their products I became a consultant and am celebrating my 5th year with the company on January 31st!

Did I mention I LOVE the products? Well I do, but I also LOVE the company!! Their priorities are God first, Family second and Career third! How great is that?! They take care of their consultants with so many benefits, like education, self-esteem, life long friends, cars, money, diamonds and so much more! They want women to achieve the level of success that they want to, whether it's personal, hobby, part-time or full-time! This opportunity can work for anyone!

They also have a foundation called, The Mary Kay Foundation, which is dedicated to ending women's cancers and domestic abuse.

Mary Kay has so many wonderful products for everyone! Here are a few of my favorites...

I love helping women find their perfect make-up shade and perfect skin care system!
I would love for you to stop on by my website or shoot me an email with any questions you have! 
Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about the Mary Kay opportunity!

Thanks for stopping by! Daphne

January 23, 2012

Twin Cities Live's Cutest Baby Contest 2012

This year TCL, Twin Cities Live is hosting a TCL's Cutest Baby Contest and my adorable niece, Elliana, is in the TOP 5!! Did I mention it is out of 1200 babies!!! 

Anyways, I would LOVE it if you would hop on over EVERY day from now until Friday and vote for her!! The winner gets featured on the cover of the Savvy.mn Magazine's Kids Edition this February!

Just click on the link below her picture!! Thanks for voting!

And in case you missed it, they were on the show today. Here is the link to watch it!

**UPDATE: Elliana made the TOP TWO and will be on TCL AGAIN on Monday, when the winner will be announced LIVE on the show!**

January 18, 2012

I'm back...sorta

I'm back into the blogging world...well sorta! 

It's been a busy, crazy, too eventful last month here. I have obviously been absent from my blog, but thanks to my followers for sticking with me! 

I have been dealing with some personal things and health issues, along with my little man getting Croup, dealing with teething and having a 16 month old boy, picking up hours at work, and just trying to balance life. 

I have a lot going on right now but have many blog ideas running through my head! 

Here is a glance at what I have coming up in the next month or so...

1. A FREE Valentine's Day (how to celebrate on the cheap/FREE)

{via google.com}

2. A No-Spend month
3. Some NEW recipes!
4. And hopefully a giveaway

Thanks for stopping by!