February 1, 2010


God is still performing miracles today! Want proof??

I have never had a normal menstrual cycle. I don't ovulate normal like most women...some months I don't ovulate at all.

So Josh and I went to see my doctor about fertility medication (because I had been off Birth Control before for a year...with no luck of getting pregnant) and he started me on Provera (medication to force a period) and then I was suppose to take Chlomid (fertility medication) once the Provera worked. Well the Provera didn't work and after 26 days I could call the doctor and see what was the next step. He told me to take a pregnancy test before we could move on. I will admit I was annoyed because why would he make me take a pregnancy test when I took one Dec.17th (day before my apt with him the first time with negative results) and I had not gotten my period.

Well I went on with my day and several hours later stopped at Target to get a test...went home, took the test and cleaned the bathroom while I waited. Three minutes later I picked up the test, looked at it and was about to throw it away...when the word read "pregnant"...WHAT??? I gasped in shock so loud that Josh came running to see what was wrong. Slightly shaking and teary eyed I showed Josh the test and said...it says I'm pregnant! Josh replied..."are you sure? do you have another one?" I said yes...but seriously could not force myself to go again...I had to wait over an hour! When I finally took another test it said the same thing! We were shocked, slightly in denial, and overjoyed! I called the nurse and we made my first appointment!!

At my first appointment they didn't think I was very far along because I had gotten a negative pregnancy test on Dec. 17th. My Nurse Practitioner also could not do an ultrasound that day because she didn't schedule it, so we had to wait until morning. Yikes the waiting!! But 10:45am finally came and we were able to have our first ultrasound!! We saw our baby on the screen! We saw the chest going up and down from the heart beat! We could not hear the heart beat but we did see that it was 174bpm. We also found out that I was 8 weeks 2 days (as of Jan. 22nd) and due September 1st, 2010! And to much of Josh's disappointment we did only see one baby (he has been praying for twins).

Friday we were able to hear our baby's heart beat. It was 150bmp. The doctor told us if we believe the old wives tale it could be a boy...guess we will see! I am 12 weeks and 4 days today!

So after being told my chance of having a baby without fertility medication was slim and that I would only have a 30% chance of getting pregnant ON fertility medication God decided to show the doctors that He is bigger than science and medications and He does still perform miracles!

Baby Christenson, our miracle, will be arriving September 1st, 2010!!


  1. I just read your story....it`s amazing...!! Not doubt that God is blessing, you and Josh...Congrats...!! September great month..I was bor on sept 13 hahaha...!!! big hugeee...


  2. Congratulation, Daphne. May God's hand be on you through these next months. I so happy for the two of you and you are right - we have a miracle working God!

  3. That's so awesome! Gives me goosebumps! You guys will be such great parents!! Twins?? Why? = ) He's funny! Hey if you ever want to check out our blog it's www.zachandjillwood.blogspot.com

  4. I don't need to tell you how excited I am about it :-) But, I will if you want. I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO excited and ecstatic! You know we both love you guys and are excited to be your child's honorary aunt and uncle :-)

  5. WOW! This lil' one certainly is an answer to prayers :)! Enjoy every moment. I couldn't be happy for you, Daphne!


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