February 23, 2011


First update:
   I have been thinking about improving the name of my blog. I like Life's Journey but I don't LOVE it! I want the name of my blog to stick in your head, make you want to read it and make you remember it!! My blog will consist more and more of recipes (I create or find), some photography/crafty things, and life updates. So, any ideas?

Second update:
   Monkey has been traveling, three places thus far (Mexico, California, Boston), and many more to come! As soon as he gets back he will be heading to Florida on a road trip! Then to Nebreska to see another Elijah and after that to New Mexico!

Third update:
   Elijah will be meeting his girl cousin in just 14 weeks!! I can't believe Kelsey only has a couple months left!!

Here is Elijah saying hi to his cousin!

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  1. I've been trying to come up with a creative new blog name for you....but the thing that pops into my head first is always "Hope Floats"!! Why, I have no idea. :P Haha...anyway...I'll let you know if I think of something!! :)


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