September 4, 2011

Caution Readers...Poop Photos

Well first I must say that I did warn you...

Here is the story...

I went to change E this morning after he woke up. He had a very red and sore bottom and I will sometimes let him "air" out without a diaper on, which might I add he LOVES! Well I took off his diaper, put his shorts back on and thought...okay in 5-10 minutes I will put a new diaper on. Well I got distracted putting away his clothes and he was playing. All of a sudden I look over and he has the "I'm pooping look" on his face, in fact I said to him, "are you pooping?" I then went back to putting away his clothes (3 feet away from him might I add). and YES HE WAS pooping...WITHOUT a diaper on!! I looked over and saw this...

But not just this...but this with a little boy standing it, not sure what to do or what just happened! 

I screamed, I laughed and I wanted to cry. I grabbed E and held him out FAR from me and ran to the bath tub! E still didn't know what was happening! I got him cleaned up then put him in the crib so I could clean the floor. All I could do was laugh because it was ALL MY FAULT!! 

Please tell me I am not the only one who has done this?!?!


  1. Hahaha This just happened to me yesterday. I was letting Bodie "air out" and I walked into the laundry room and back out to the kitchen and there was a little "pie" on the floor. I was SOOO thankful that he was on the linoleum! So NO you are NOT the only one. :) Motherhood is an adventure.

  2. Oh my word!! :P I'm sure this will happen to me soon!! :)


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