August 9, 2012

Seminar 2012

Since I am telling you about our crazy summer in reverse order next up is my Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Texas! 

I've been in Mary Kay for 5 1/2 years and this was the first time that it worked for me to attend Seminar! I was looking forward to it for SO long and then I got sick...and I mean really sick! To the point that I was at the hospital getting test done on Friday to make sure I could board the plane at 7am on Sunday!! They okay-ed me to here is my Seminar experience in pictures! 

All packed up and ready to go (at 5am)...

Picking up my Consultant Packet...NEXT year it will be Director Packet!!

Touring MK Headquarters...

Mary Kay Ash 

New 50th Anniversary Director Suit...

My lovely Director, Kathy, showing us her name on the wall...

Kathy and I touring Headquarters...

Standing in front of Mary Kay's office.

Testing out the Chevy Equinox!

This dress is made of ALL MK products!

Reminding myself that I want to be at Leadership in LA in Jan!

One of the prizes offered this year for Star Consultants!

Morrissette Family Awards Night. This is our unit that attended!


Receiving one of my 3 awards!!

Miss Go Give Award! (Thank you to my unit for nominating me!)

Me, Kathy, and her daughter, Laura who is in DIQ!

Our Limo ride back to our hotel after the awards night!

End of the night after Awards night...

Special Luncheon that I earned!


DESSERT! (Yes we did get real food at all of these...but seriously, look at that dessert...)

Me and Laura at the huge awards night!

Kathy and our snacks for the evening!

Awards Night Entertainment...

Seminar was amazing and I am so glad I was able to go! 
I LOVE my Mary Kay Business!! I love the training, flexibility, friendships, products and prizes! This trip was just amazing! Thanks for everyone who helped us out while I was gone! 

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  1. Woohoo! Love it! I especially enjoyed your comment: "NEXT Year it will be a Director packet!" :D


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