December 4, 2011

nomorerack: FREE STUFF

Do you like getting FREE stuff? I think I heard a few people say yes...

Well then I should tell you about this new deal site I came across called nomorerack.
nomorerack has 8 deals that launch every AFTERNOON at 12 EST. Here is an example:

(The cost of these two sets is only $9.00)

This is called a Charity item. When someone buys this item some type of Charity donation is made. For example,  With every purchase of this special charity item, nomorerack™ and Family Giving Tree give a gift to a child in need. Sweet huh!?! 

Now...there is even more to this great site. I mean you save 65%-90% off the price but you get even more...because remember I did mention free. 

When you refer friends to this site you get points. The more points you earn the BIGGER your FREE item! 
*Note: your friends do NOT need to purchase, just sign up! 
Here are some of the referral gifts...

So what are you waiting for?!? Get on over to nomorerack, sign up, start shopping and start referring!! 

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