November 26, 2011

My 27th Year

In honor of my 27th Year (yes that's right, I turned 27 on Thanksgiving day...Happy Thanksgiving Birthday to me) I am going to write a post for you all to bear witness to. It's going to be a post about what I want to accomplish in my 27th year. Some days I look back on my 26 years and wonder where they went. I wonder if I did everything God called me to do. I wonder if I could have done more for my family, friends, customers, students, friends, etc. Well my 27th year I want to be a good one. I want it to be one I look back on a year from now and think...yep I did everything I could to make it a great year...I did everything I could to use my God given talents and abilities to help others, better myself, and and better my family. are my goals for the next year (in NO certain order)...

1. Create the prayer journal I keep talking about creating! And pray through it daily. (Like this one I found on

2. Lose 27 pounds (yes 27 because I am now 27)
3. Build my Mary Kay customer base by 50 new faces.
4. Actually finish things on our home to do list (ex: remove bar, tile, refinish railing, re-roof house, etc)
5. PAY OFF DEBT!! I would love to have it completely paid off in a year...but it will still be a few.
6. Grow my hair back out!

Source: via Daphne on Pinterest

7. Complete a Christian Book Study (I start too many and don't finish). I am looking for suggestions!!
8. Teach Elijah a few more signs! (He knows eat, more, all done)
9. Take a Vacation! I have been away from Elijah only ONE night since he was born...I NEED a vacation!

10. Write more letters, cards, thank you's. I love hand written letters (Thank you Grandma Hope) and need to remember to do this more often for others.

11. Do more freezer meals/cooking in general. I am not the best cook or even like doing it but I do LIKE having food in the freezers and like having the accomplished feeling when I do make a good meal.

12. Make more homemade items. Things on my list: homemade bath soap (found some for sensitive skin for E), homemade hand soap, homemade lotion, etc.

13. Exercise More!!

14. Run another 5k! Remember when I did my first one!?! Ha ha! Read about it here, here and here! Why would I do another one? I have NO idea! Well because hopefully it will force me to train!

There are probably plenty of other things I can and should add to my list...but for now that will do. As I actually accomplish them I will keep you all updated!


  1. I think one of your nights away from E should be a trip down to Galena with me!


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