January 26, 2011

5k Training

Today started my first workout in preparation for my FIRST 5k! I have never ran before for fun or competition except in 5th grade once. However, I got the crazy idea to run a 5k this year...well April 30th to be exact!

I had no idea where to start but a friend told me about this program called Couch Potato to 5k and it's done in 9 weeks. I thought it was perfect because it takes the average "couch potato" and turns them into a 5k "runner". So that is the program I am using. You can find it on the Cool Running website.

Today's workout was a brisk 5 minute walk followed by 60 second intervals of jogging and 90 second intervals of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I ended it with another 5 minute walk.

Things I learned today:
1. Break in the brand new running shoes a little better!
2. Running with a program and breaking it up makes it do-able.
3. Up-beat music DOES help!!
4. Having a goal (running the 5k on April 30th) and putting the goal out there for the world to see (and paying for it) gives you even more motivation!

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