January 12, 2011

To Goal or Not To Goal...

To Goal or Not To Goal...that is the question for 2011. I think I will "Goal."

I don't like the word "resolution" because it seems to come with a negative effect. I feel like if I mess up on a resolution that's it...it's over! But a goal...now that is more positive...that I can just keep trying until I accomplish what my goal is. Therefore, I am setting goals in 2011!

Some of my goals...

1. To complete a running training program. The one I picked is called C25k. I have NEVER been a runner. Well once in 5th grade I ran a race and came in third. Thank you Jenna Vogel and Emily Burrows for beating me! There are runners in my family including my hubby (who did his first 5k in 2009), my sister (who has done many 5ks), my mom (who did 5ks despite needing a hip replacement) and my little brother (who once ran a 5k without running shoes on)! So I figure I should join them...or die trying!

2. To blog more...you are reading this, aren't you?! :)

3. To make a decision with Mary Kay. What do I truly want out of it?? Obviously to build customers for life...but to what level?? Right now my title is Daphne Christenson, Senior Consultant, but what's next for me??

4. To get better at Photography! Thanks to Jennie Gaskins, a photographer group I joined and practice, I hope to get there sooner rather than later!

5. To continue on with daily devotions as a family.

6. To blog once monthly about something God taught me or that really stuck out to me while reading my Bible that month.

Well there you have it...some of my goals for 2011. Check back January 1st, 2012 to see how I did in accomplishing them. Well please check back more often than that!

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  1. you go girl!! xoxoxxo ps send monkey here, Elijah would love to show baby Elijah's friend all around nebraska!!


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