January 5, 2011

Adventures With Monkey

Today as I was observing Elijah with him little stuffed Monkey...I realized just how much he loves that thing! He hangs on to it, he sucks on it, he spits up on it and he even fell asleep in the car holding "hands" with the monkey! As I watched this a light bulb went off...

The idea...to create a scrapbook of Elijah's monkey traveling the world! I want to use this monkey (well it will actually be a "copy" monkey as I didn't want to send the spit up monkey anywhere) as the guide to learning (cheesy I know). He will visit friends/family in other states and countries! They will take pictures of themselves with monkey and in places in their town, work, etc. He can also go on vacation!

My goal...To put together the scrapbook and use it to teach Elijah who the friends/family members are (especially those he doesn't see often) and also teach him about their state or country! As he gets older I will add facts about each place to the pages.

This is where I need your help! If you would love to help me out and let Monkey come visit you, be willing to take some pictures with him and then send him back or on to his next location...please let me know!!

**Monkey's first visit...to MEXICO!! He is going on vacation with Mark and Kelsey Baker in one week!


  1. Super cute idea! :) I wouldn't mind having a monkey visit us for a few days, he'll fit right in here.

  2. Thanks Chelsea...that would be great! You can email me your address. Monkey is heading to Mexico bright and early tomorrow morning, then CA! daphnechristenson@gmail.com


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