March 15, 2011

Lack there of...

My training for my 5k or lack there a major struggle! For two weeks I was going to the gym and following my training guide three days a week. Then life got busier and our routine was broken (Routine being that Josh would come home over lunch and I would go to the gym) and thus began my "lack there of" routine of nothing! It finally hit me that I NEED to get moving for many reasons. The first and obvious reason being that I DID sign up for a 5k for April 30th. The other reasons being that I am slowly putting weight back on and am slowly losing all the muscle I was starting to gain. Let's be honest here...I am out of shape, out of energy and out of time! I NEED motivation! I WANT to run this 5k...not walk it or get pulled along by my friends who have been training! I want to reap the benefits of running; losing weight. being healthy, getting toned again, feeling good and having energy!

Well I am starting somewhere once again. I have gone for three walks (outside) in 5 days, so it's a start!

Elijah and I on our first walk of "Spring".

For those of you did you get motivated to start? How do you stay motivated? And can you send me some of it!?!?! who wants to come over and help get my butt in gear?

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  1. I share your pain! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last October and then lost ALL training efforts. life just went crazy on me, but from that experience it's all in making yourself get out there. once you start you're further than you were before. Sounds silly, but it's true :) you can do it!


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