March 30, 2011

Down on the Farm...

While Josh was out East with his dad, uncle and youngest brother, Elijah and I headed up North to my parent's house. We always try to make the "rounds" to grandparent's (Elijah's Great-Grandparent's) while we are up there. We visited Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Jack on Friday and then my mom, my aunt KaAnn, Elijah and I headed up to "the farm" to see Grandma Hope and Grandpa Kenny on Saturday.

Grandpa's Tractor

The last time we visited the farm (Elijah's first visit) he slept through it...

 this time he was awake and ready to play with the baby farm animals...

Bottle Lambs

 While inside Great Grandpa Kenny and Elijah were just hanging out in the kitchen. GG gave E some bowls to play with and boy did he enjoy this new found "toy." The tongue had to come out since he was working hard.

 Not sure if they were both upset by what Great Aunt KaAnn said or concentrating that hard (just kidding KaAnn)...

Two peas in a pod

We are so truly blessed to have our Grandparents alive and live close enough for us to visit! I am so glad Elijah will have these "memories" (well pictures since he won't remember the visits at this age) with his Great Grandparents. 

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