March 2, 2011

Something new...

Well the time has come and I ''think'' I am ready for a hairstyles that is.

I am indecisive and unsure of what I actually want. You men are thinking..spoken like a real woman, right...well back off. Just kidding, ha ha!

I am posting some pictures and then you get to vote! Now when you look at them think...brown hair, more volume and sometimes curly...when I don't straighten it.

P.S. I am having major issues with this post. The color of my heading is a gross brown. The credits for the photos are not showing up and I can not get the bottom picture to turn the right way even though it is saved the right way on my computer. I will work on these errors.


  1. hun...isnt your hair naturally curly? all these are straight..... from the start.....


  2. If you need help with the Blog layout stuff... let me know :-) Or, you know, if you want a complete makeover all together. I'm sure we can work something out :-)


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