May 4, 2011

RUN 5k...check

Remember my insane idea to run a 5k...well...I DID IT. 
Now for the story...

So back in the beginning of the year I decided to sign up for a 5k...yes it was a crazy idea, I had NEVER run before in my life, nor had I ever wanted to (and still don't want to). Well I got the crazy idea in my head and signed up along with many other moms in my MOPS group, two of my best friends from college and two young ladies who were in my small group the year before.

Now if you remember I STARTED out my training doing quite well. Then life happened...remember I had no motivation or training for some time. Well I will be honest, I didn't train well. On Easter Sunday I went for a mile run and thought I was going to die...not because my legs hurt but because my breathing was a struggle. I knew my legs could handle the 3.2 miles, but I did NOT think my lungs could. After some lovely advice from so many runners on Facebook about breathing I felt a little more confident.

Then life happened again and all in one week I put together a garage sale fundraiser, ran it, did a photo shoot, baby shower, and raised a needless to say no training happened the week before the race either. I went into the race knowing that I would have to walk and that I was OKAY with that.

Well race day came and my two besties picked me up and we headed to the race.

We got our numbers on in the car...snapped some pictures of course! (Thanks Enoch) and headed to the start line. I checked in my with MOPS group to say hi! I must say I was a little shocked at how shocked they all were to see I could really be a no-show after EVERYONE knew I signed up!?

Jen, myself, and Boo [trying to stay dry before the race]

The race was about to start...I wanted to throw up!! The count down was on...Jen and Boo were so calm...I still wanted to throw up!! And it happened...the mass of people in front of us started moving, which meant any minute second I would be moving, slowing, but still moving! And we were off...

Well Jen and Boo had told me they would stick with me at my pace...and they sure did! They helped me get through mile 1 (Thanks Enoch for standing there, cheering, and taking pictures),

Mile 1
then mile 1.5 (this is where I wanted to die give up), then mile 2 (and at this point I KNEW I could NOT walk because I had made it this far) and mile 2.75 (thanks mom for snapping a picture, cheering me on, and running along side us)

Mile 2.75 [about]
and mile 3 (where we heard the sweet music telling me it was ALMOST over) and mile 3.1 (where Jen told me to kick it in, and Kelsey and Leighton were there cheering us on in the rain) and mile 3.2 when we crossed the finish line together!!

I am in pink...see me coming!?

Almost there...

Let me tell you...I have the best friends, they encouraged me, guided me (on what to wear, eat, drink, etc), sang to me when I was struggling, kept encouraging me when I knew I didn't want to walk, and helped me along the way! Oh and did I mention they encouraged me!?!

We DID it
I also had great support from my mom, sister and brother all came to watch the race! As well as the other MOPS moms who were running that day as well! And of course my hubby and baby E who stayed home due to the icky weather!!

After the race by the Falls

After all is said and done, I completed my first 5k without stopping or walking and that is a great feeling!! 
Am I going to sign up for another? Probably not...


  1. You should feel so proud of yourself!!! And what do you mean you aren't going to sign up for another? I say go for it!

  2. :) way to go sweetie!! YOU DID IT!!!


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