May 24, 2011

5 Joys...2 weeks

Two weeks ago I shared with you about a MOPS speaker, Dienna Goscha, creator of River's Edge curriculum, who challenged us to write down 5 things each day that brought us Joy. Read about that post here: 5 Joys.

Well two weeks have passed and I have written down my 5 joys every single day! I thought I would share a few of my top joys of the past two weeks. (**Picking just 5 was way harder than I thought**)

1. My MOPS table...simply put...they are the best!

2. Surprising my Mom! Kelsey, Elijah and I drove up to Staples on the Tuesday after Mother's Day to surprise her on her day off!!

3. Getting our Mini Photo Session pictures back!! (Here is a sneak peek...more to come in Thursday's post)

Photo taken by: Jennie Gaskins

4. Elijah and I making it to one of Josh's softball games!

5.Elijah's new scrunchy face!!  

What about you... Have you been writing down your joys? Did you make a journal? What have been your top 5 joys in the last two weeks?

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