May 9, 2011

5 Joys

Today our speaker, Dienna Goscha, creator of River's Edge curriculum, at MOPS talked about joy and having a heart of joy. I really think God was using her to speak directly to me this morning! Lately for some reason I have not had a heart full of joy and I desperately need to get back to that place. Dienna gave us tips on how to find joy WHILE running a household and raising our children. One of the things she shared was to write down 5 things EACH day that brought us joy. When we think about the things that bring us joy we become more joyful. Today she asked us to write down 5 things, so we spent a few minutes doing that, and then shared them! 

Here we my 5 for today (well my 5 before 11am)...

1. Josh got up early with Elijah
2. No poopy diapers for me to change (Since E poops before 630am 99% of the time)
3. My MOPS table...wonderful ladies
4. Making a craft at MOPS...I like love crafts!

I am going to make a journal and start writing down my 5 joys for each day...I think it will be both challenging and rewarding! 

Care to share...what are your 5 joys from today?!?


  1. This morning WAS really good!!! Mine were:
    1. Listening to Brennan sing Veggie Tales songs on the way to MOPS.
    2. Reading the card Ben wrote to me yesterday.
    3. Watching Brennan play outside.
    4. Watching Ben and Brennan play together.
    5. Cuddling with Chula.

  2. Thats a neat idea. I know I've had a hard time with that lately too. I think we all need to take a little time each day and think about the things that bring us joy!


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