May 18, 2011

Elijah's Top Ten Updates

Remember my last Top Ten Update?! Well, here are the latest Top Ten updates on Elijah...

1. He is crawling everywhere...and FAST!
2. He has pulled himself into the standing position 2-3 times. [The first time was with his babysitter, Kayla].
3. He sits on his own!

4. He loves to make a new scrunchy face [He started doing this at the ISCR Auction last Thursday].

5. He dumps out his books every single morning and LOVES looking at them all!

Photo taken with Camera Phone
6. He has had some finger foods like turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, and pasta. He loves eating ''real'' food off our plate.
7. He does NOT care for the grass! [Although he is getting better]

8. He tries to give Mocha [our cat] Eskimo kisses!
9. He still only has one tooth...but I think more are coming.

10. He has his 9 month appointment in June!

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  1. You know, it's amazing when you think about how he couldn't do ANYTHING 8 months ago. Now look at all he's doing. Such a big boy! :o)


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