May 19, 2011

Fabric Flowers: Tutorial

Today's DIY project...Fabric Flowers!

I first saw how to make two different kinds of Fabric Flowers on Delightful Order and also on Beach House in the City. I attempted to make one of each with a few variations of my own.

Here is the first flower I attempted from the Beach House in the City tutorial. I have to admit, Natalie's turned out way cuter than mine.

I cut some fabric (*Fabric: I used an old denim dress and bought some black cotton fabric in the remnants section) in long strips and then into shorter strips. 

I layered them. hot gluing in between each layer. 

At the end I crinkled up the last piece of fabric and hot glued that on.

Here is my second attempt at a Fabric Flower, this time using Delightful Order's tutorial. I must say I personal like this pattern better. Probably because my first attempt didn't turn out using BH in the City's tutorial. (Well it didn't turn out as cute).

For this flower I cut out "circles" and purposely did not make them perfect circles. I made each circle smaller. 

Then layered each circle, hot gluing them in the middle. The first flower I just laid flat. The second one I kind of crunched up as I hot glued, making it more dimensional. (I like the second one better...with the more dimensional look). At the end I scrunched up a piece of fabric for the center of the flower.

I then hot glued on a "jeweled button" I had laying around the house. I haven't decided what I am putting on the back yet...maybe a pin? Maybe a Hair Clip?

Have you made any Fabric Flowers? What did you use for the back?

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