May 12, 2011

The Gaffney Gang

I had the privilege of photographing the Gaffney Gang!

For as long as I can remember Patty has wanted to have family photos done. And with Joey leaving for Oklahoma the pressure was on to get them done. Well it just wasn't happening and finally Emma and I came up with the idea to take them while Patty was gone on Tuesday! We had so much fun and got some great shots, and the best was all done in secret! I left and soon after got a text from Emma saying her mom got home and REALLY wanted to do family pictures. Well I told Patty I could come on Wednesday and then that fell through and then we rescheduled for Thursday at 8am...well it was raining and Joey and Terry were going to be leaving at 8am for OK. That didn't stop us...the rain stopped at 8:30am and we ran outside, and got some shots! Patty still didn't know anything about the first shoot and they used those photos for her for Mother's Day!!

I just love the Gaffney's and am so happy I could help capture these last moments that they were all home together!! Enjoy...


  1. GREAT job Daphne!!! And that dog is incredible!!

  2. Love the pictures and the dog!

  3. Daph! These turned out SO great!!


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