June 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Today is my last day at 27 weeks and of being in my Second Trimester! Everyone says raising children goes fast...but boy has this pregnancy gone by fast!

I thought I would share some of my good, bad, and uglies during pregnancy as I have had them thus far!

The Good:
*The pregnancy test saying positive after many, many negatives!!
*Losing 7 pounds during weeks 8-11 thanks to my craving of fruit and veggies
*Finding out it was a boy...and picking our son's name!!
*Hearing the heart beat for the first time
*Josh feeling his son kick for the first time
*Feeling the daily movement of my son
*Buying some new clothes
*Getting lots of compliments
*Everyone being so helpful

The Bad:
*Lack of Sleep: hard to always get comfy and up 2-3 times for the bathroom
*Feeling annoyed for NO reason at random times
*Braxton Hicks: They didn't hurt, but made my back ache...causing discomfort
*Having to get use to people touching my belly...being that I was overweight before getting pregnant it's a self conscious thing! (I am past feeling self conscious now)

The Ugly
*Throwing up...but only about five times...so still can't really complain
*Smells making me feel nauseous
*Being overly emotional/irrational one time and Josh calling me "an overly emotional pregnant woman." (I still think I had a good reason, but whatever)

I have very much enjoyed being pregnant thus far! I am sure the Third Trimester will bring new challenges especially during the hot summer months, but I am ready to embrace them as they come.

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