June 1, 2010

Where did the time go??

Today is already June 1st, 2010! Where has the time gone?? I was always told that once I got older time would go by faster, and they were right!

Tomorrow I will be 27 weeks...only 13 weeks until my due date! What a scary and exciting thought! It sends some panic waves through me to realize that I have much to do on my "before baby comes" to do list, but more panic to realize that this baby will no longer be inside me, but in this crazy, unpredictable world waiting for me to take care of him!!

I have been in child care my entire life in some way, shape and form...from babysitting to nannying to working in an Early Childhood Center, so you would think that I would be the most prepared person for raising a child...but with those children I do what their parents tell me to do and send them home at the end of the day...my little guy will be here for the next 18 years of his life! We will just truck on through the process with God by our side directing our steps as parents!

On a different note...here are just some random update in our lives:

1. My sister, Kelsey Rose, graduated from Northwestern College with a degree in Early Childhood Education.
2. My baby brother, Leighton Alex, graduated from Staples Motley High School.
3. Josh's sister, Amalia Elisabeth, graduates this Friday from high school.
4. We continue to make small changes and updates to our house...a never ending process.
5. I will start back up full-time at the Early Childhood Center (Bright Horizons) this summer...well with hopes of only working 4 days a week.
6. Josh will be taking a group to Guatemala City, Guatemala for 10 days in June!
7. Josh has been feeling our little guy kick more and more!
8. We do have a name picked out and YES we are keeping it a secret! :)

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