August 5, 2010

36 Weeks

Wow where has the last 36 weeks of our lives gone?? I can not believe that I have my 36 week appointment tomorrow! I will actually be 36 weeks and 2 days at the appointment. My appointments are also now every Friday in August and into the first week of September unless this baby decides to come before that!

I am so excited to meet our little boy, to see what he looks like, to hold him in my arms, and to finally say his name out loud! :) Yes we do have his name, we actually have had it for a LONG time, but are keeping it a secret!

Here are a few updates since I blogged last...7 weeks ago!

*Nursery is coming along...crib is getting put together tomorrow night!
*2 loads of baby clothes are washed...several more loads of laundry to go!
*Birth Classes are underway...only one left. I have really enjoyed our classes! I went to the first one without Josh (who was in the wilderness with about 20 10th graders)but he has been able to go to the other one and will be attending the last one as well.
*I only have a few weeks of work left! I am technically done August 20th, but will probably work a few days the next week, depending on how I am feeling.
*I am registered for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for the fall! Crazy to think I will now be at that next stage of life.

We did have one little scare about 2 weeks back. I was working and we had bike day, so we had all the children in the center outside riding bikes. Myself and another teacher were standing on one sideline watching some of the children ride their bikes when a schoolager (who wasn't paying attention) ran into me with his handlebars...hitting me right in the side of my baby bump. It was definitely startling and did hurt. My director suggested I call my doctor and see what they said. I called the nurse and she wanted me to come in right away to get looked at. Work was super supportive and let me leave right away. When I got to my appointment they hooked me up to a Fetal Monitor and an Ultrasound Monitor since I was starting to have some Braxton Hick contractions. Everything was okay...our little one started moving and the contractions were nothing to be concerned about! Thank you to those of you who said a prayer for us as we went in.

I will try and blog a little more over the next 4 weeks as they will surely bring us new emotions and trials!


  1. Yay! I say perfect timing of labor would be the Wednesday after we get our pedicures. Then, but the time the kid decides to show... Jon and I will still be there ;-) It's selfish, yes. I roll like that sometimes :-)

  2. So glad you're doing MOPS! I've been in MOPS since Emmett was little and just love it!

  3. Oh Daphne - good luck, my dear. Giving birth is really really exciting and fun. The excitement and fun FAR outweighs the pain. Praying for you, Josh and your baby boy. Also, I'd love for you to message me on FB with your address. We have a shower gift to send to you.


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