August 27, 2010


Well the count down is on...5 days until my due date! Now I know that most first time pregnancies go late (according to my Doctor) so I am not expecting to go early and I am actually feeling very well right now, except for the annoying cold I have, so at this point I am okay with it.

I had my 39 week appointment today and where is what we found out:

1. I am 1 cm dialted.
2. I am 90 effaced.
3. The baby's head is very, very low (which is great)!
4. I didn't gain too much weight at the State Fair! ha ha!
5. If I haven't gone into labor before the 3rd (my due date is the 1st) they will most likely start the induction process at my next appointment, which is the 3rd.

Here are some other updates on our life:

1. I worked a few days this last week (covering lunch breaks) and have one more day on the schedule for next Tuesday.

2. Josh performed another wedding this past weekend at the Carlson Parkway Towers for Elise Austad and Rocky Rigney and it was a beautiful outdoor wedding! The dog was the ring cute!

3. Our amazing friends, Jon and Emily Lemmon, who now live in San Diego, CA were here this week and we enjoyed spending so much time with them!! Jon stayed with us a few days until Emily got here and the guys golfed the days away! Emily and I got amazing Deluxe Pedicures at Nails Touch in Brooklyn Park! I highly recommended this place to everyone!

4. We enjoyed a day at the State Fair yesterday. We went with Kelsey and Mark. We lasted four hours! I ate the following: Grilled Chicken Casear Wrap (something healthy), Hawaiian Shaved Ice (my favorite), Deep Fried Snickers Bar (tradition), Cheese Curds, Cotton Candy on a stick, and a Diet Coke! And yes I did pretty much eat that all by myself in those four hours! I did also try Kelsey and Mark's Garlic Fries, Josh's lemonade and Kelsey's Root beer.

I will try and update a little more over the next few days and things change!

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  1. The anxious countown!!! You may wonder (as I did), "when will it happen? where will i be? what will it feel like? will i really know when it's time?"

    It's all very exciting and it sounds like you are doing a good job of enjoying your last few days (before the baby comes) relaxing and enjoying life as much as possible. :)

    We are very excited for you guys and will pray that all goes well. When you get home and with your permission, I will come over and bring you some dinner, and then hold that baby for a couple of hours!!

    Keep me posted!!!


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