September 2, 2010


Kids say the darndest things...
Here are a few comments I have gotten from the children at the center where I work.

This one was said once I started showing. I had been in the classroom for over an hour and we were eating snack, when I stood up the child said...
"Wow you are really full!"

"I thought you had the baby already." (while looking at my large belly)

"Can you feel the baby kick?"

"Will you name him after me?"

"Maybe he doesn't want to come out because he likes being in your warm belly."

"I thought he was coming out yesterday?"

Well it's not just kids saying the darndest are some comments from the brave adults who dare to go there.

A mom: "Wow you are pregnant, when are you due"
Me: "tomorrow"
mom: "and you are still working??"

Gas Station guy: "Have you been to the doctor lately...because I think you are pregnant." (that was today)

Customer at Babies R Us: "When are you due?"
Me: "Wednesday" (this was on Monday)
I love seeing people's reactions when I say I am due this much fun!

Cashier at Target: "When are you due?"
Me: "Sept. 1st" (this was the 25th)
Then I told her we were going to the State Fair the next day (26th) and she asked if I was taking a wheelchair!

Most comments don't bug me, and most are quite entertaining, especially those from the children at the center. However, the ones that do drive me crazy...

"You must be so uncomfortable." (this said to me while it's 95+ degrees outside and I am in NO air conditioning). Well duh!

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