July 21, 2011

Gone with the wind...

I feel like I am gone with the wind...or more so sun! It has been so hot and uncomfortable in our house that I have not felt like blogging. So, I figured I better give you guys something to read so everyone doesn't abandoned me while I am melting to death. (*Side note...today is beautiful...not like yesterday's heat).

Our update...

1. I have been doing a lot of photo shoots these past few weeks!

1 year old Cole

My friend, Jess

Skoglund Family

2. Elijah does NOT like baby food anymore! He wants table food! He enjoys noodles, bread, chicken, peas (sometimes), cheese, rice cakes, avocados, bananas, and puffs!

3. Elijah is moving everywhere and FAST!! He is so tall (32 inches) that NOTHING is safe at about table height and lower! He loves exploring and getting into every thing!

4. Elijah loves animals! He LOVES Pablo and Pablo loves him! (Pablo is my sister's dog) They kiss, wrestle, play with the same toys, and take adventures under the table together...

5. Josh leaves for his annual River Retreat this Sunday! So glad I don't go...pooping in a hole, sleeping on the ground, carrying all your stuff on your back for days. Yuck!

6. My mom is on her first cruise (and vacation without my dad...I think) ever!! Her and 3 of her girlfriends from church will be boarding their ship tomorrow for Alaska! She did it in honor of her 50th birthday! A much needed vacation for her!! 

7. I broke my phone! Yep...for the first time since I started using a cell phone, back in 2003, I actually broke it. I kneeled down on the screen and crack...all white! But my brother-in-law gave me his old one. Thanks Mark. Oh yes...speaking of...Happy Birthday! 

Mark (my brother-in-law) and Elijah

8. I am getting back into holding Mary Kay parties again. I took a little break after Elijah and have my second one this next week and then one already booked for August! Looking forward to bringing in some extra money and getting out to see some friends! 

9. We have a wedding this weekend. It will be Elijah's first wedding!! 

10. I LOVE my Cake Pop Maker!! I tried it out tonight. It is so simple! My first batch was a little goofy looking...but after that I was on a roll. Now I have about 6 dozen naked cake pops to coat tomorrow! 

There is a quick update on our life. I hope to be back more regular this next week. PLUS I have a great project I am working on tomorrow (*hint: Lemons) and one next week (*hint: white paint). Stay tuned for those projects!! 

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