January 23, 2010

The Job Search

God has a way of dropping things in our lap!

A couple weeks ago Drew, a friend of Josh's from Crown, sent him an email that his wife, Alissa, had passed on to him...meant for me! It was about a job as a Medical Receptionist at a Dermatologist office! I hadn't even been thinking about looking at the moment because I love working at Bright Horizons. However, financially it would be a major blessing!! So after much prayer I decided to see what happened if I applied. I applied, went in for an interview and am still in consideration. I go in for a second interview either late this week or early the following week! I haven't been telling a lot of people because if I didn't get considered for a second interview I would have to tell so many people that I didn't get it and would probably feel bad about it all over again! However, since I am being considered for a second interview I could use more people praying!! Please pray that God's will be played out here!


  1. So excited for you and that you have a second interview. Praying for the correct decision to be made for everyone in the situation. Let us know when the interview is scheduled.


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