April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Wreath

I love hanging wreaths on my front door for the different holidays, however that can get very expensive, so I decided to start making them! You can read about the Lemon wreath here and my Coffee Filter wreath here

Now on to my Easter wreath....

This project cost me about $5. Here is the break down...
$1- Wood wreath- Dollar Store {I already had this on hand}
$1- 18 count, Small eggs- Target $ section
$1.99- 48 count, Large eggs- Target Easter section
$1- Teal Paper Shred- Target Easter section {didn't even use half the bag}
Ribbon {had it on hand}
Hot Glue Gun/sticks {had it on hand}

*If you want to make one for next year wait until Sunday or Monday to buy your eggs/shred and you will pay even less than that! 

This project was pretty easy but did take a little time. So grab your glue gun and turn on Netflix (I watched Clean House while I made mine!)

Start with your wood wreath. Tie some ribbon on top or fish line. I used a light purple ribbon. I first tied my ribbon around the wreath nice and tight, then tied a second piece the other way so it would lay flat against my door. 

Next take your large eggs and start hot gluing on the top and work your way around. I started in a pattern and by the end it didn't really matter. 

{first layer done}

Then I went on the outside with the smaller eggs and worked my way around, filling in any big gaps. 

After that layer was done I took the large eggs again around the inside. 

{here it is with all three layers of eggs}

I thought about just leaving it but didn't LOVE it, so I grabbed the shred for E's Easter basket and started filling that into the gaps and to cover up the hot glue. 

As you can see the shred is out of control so I went around and trimmed it all down until it was the length I liked it at! *Warning: if you have a cat as crazy as mine he might start attacking it*

After trimming the shred pick out where you want it to go...

Happy Easter!

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