November 16, 2010

Days 14-16

I am thankful for...

the relationships I still have with three amazing college friends! (Yes I still have relationship with more than three...but these three are extra special). I will forever cherish these relationships. We have seen each other through tears, joy, and laughter. We have lived together, played together, and prayed together! I am thankful for Bekah, Jen and Michelle!

laughter...and the joy it brings to ones hear. I love laughing and I love hearing others laugh. I love the little cooing laughter that comes from Elijah! I love laughing over a funny movie, a good joke, and a good time.

love...the love Josh and I have after 5 years of marriage. The love we have for Elijah. The love between our family members and friends! Most important the love that God has for us all.

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