November 27, 2010

Days 23-27

I am thankful for... help me stay awake.

My birthday...yep it sounds selfish...but hey it's a day were people go above and beyond for me and make me feel so special. Plus I get tons of FREE stuff!

Thanksgiving...a time to be thankful and eat lots of great food, while visiting with lots of family. gives me a way to communicate with friends and family who are not close by. Just a few examples...I have a friend in Ecuador I can email and get her Missionary updates. Elijah Skypes his grandparents and uncle.

Black Friday...but not really for the deals (I mean that's great also)...more for the fact that it is a tradition my sister, brother and I have done for 3 years. We enjoy our tradition and this year reminisced on the way home about our old homes. Good bonding time!

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