November 3, 2010

Love Like Our Father

I got up in the middle of the night to feed Elijah. As I rocked him back to sleep I couldn't help but think about how perfect he is. All his small, delicate features just perfect. I thought about how much I loved him and would do anything for him. Now of course he isn't the "perfect" baby, I mean he doesn't sleep through the night and he has pooped and peed on me, but to me, his mother, he is still perfect!

As I thought about this concept I wondered if that is how God, our Heavenly Father, feels. I mean, we are by no means perfect, we screw up on a daily basis, and yet God still loves us. God sent his perfect son to die for us. God continually loves us, He continually wants to have a relationship with us and He continually gives us His all despite all that we put Him through.

Just imagine what He must feel when we are faithful, loving, and obeying. I imagine He feels like a proud parent.

I am so glad God taught me a lesson on love using my son in the middle of night!

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  1. What a beautiful post Daphne. I truly agree with you totally. It is amazing how parenthood really makes you think of other things in a new light.


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