June 23, 2011

Celebrity Look-Alike

Today I am joining The Little Hen House in their "I'm a Celebrity Look-Alike" blog hop! I don't really think I look like any celebrities (at least not most days), but after getting my bangs cut, my lovely friend Bert from FTM, told me I looked like Jennifer Hudson.

Close enough...right?!?


  1. It's all in the eyes! You are definitely sister's from another mister thought. ;) Thanks for linking up!

  2. It's the eyes and the nose, definitely.

  3. I totally see you looking just like Lizzy Caplan! http://celebritywonder.ugo.com/picture/Lizzy_Caplan/LizzyCaplan_DeGuire_13389113.jpg

  4. Where do I add my photos of me and my look a like. People say I look like Wynonna Judd and sing like her. I tell them I dont, She looks like me because Im older. Dyneau@aol.com


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