June 10, 2011

Supper Time

Last night's supper time was just me and Elijah (Josh had to work late)...so I broke out the camera and snapped away. Elijah enjoys (for the most part) getting his picture taken, unless of course we have paid for it to be done! (*see this post for examples)

Anyways, here are the results...

This was the very first picture I took...what a character! AND his first time sticking out his tongue. 


Getting SO tired!!

But still enough energy to clap for himself! He LOVES to clap for himself!

Deciding what to eat...chicken or bread?!?

And sticking it in there...

"Yes, I am a ham!"


All done...well except for the one little piece of food still on his nose! 

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  1. Cute pics! Thanks for stopping by - I'm returning the follow!



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