June 28, 2011

Top Ten while you were gone...

Josh was gone in CA on a Mission Trip with his Senior High Students for 11 days (including training). While he was gone I decided to keep a "journal" of what happened in mine and E's life! Here is the top ten things that happened!

10. Celebrated Father's Day with the Christenson's

E and Grandpa C

9. Had a play date at the Eagle's Nest. Went in the ball pit!!

8. E had a play date at Lara's house (with all her kids)...had SO much!! Cried when we left!

7. E got a haircut that was a little uneven...oops!

6. Tornado sirens went off...had to go to basement.

5. Stood up for over a minute!!

*Picture taken with cell phone camera

4. E climbed up 3 stairs while chasing Mocha!!

3. E signed "all done" at dinner!

2. First road trip with Kelsey and Elliana (3 1/2 weeks old)

Elliana (3 1/2 weeks old)

1. Saw all three sets of Grandparents (E's Great Grandparents) on my side of the family!! (Plus many other relatives this weekend)

E and Great Grandpa Marv

Great Grandpa Kenny and Great Grandma Hope with 7 out of 8 Great Grandkids!

Today I am linking up to It's a Crafty Life's Ten on Tuesday
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  1. Great post!. I came over from It's a Crafty Life.

  2. That's a sweet list--life goes on, they say! :-) Looks your little guy is just starting to get around, you'll be busy! Thanks for linking up!


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