April 11, 2011

Adventures with Monkey: Update

For all you following along or participating in Monkey's travels, I thought I would post an update. As of today Monkey has had quite the traveling experiences [I must say I am a little jealous]!!

His very first stop was to Mexico on a Baby moon with Mark and Kelsey (my sister and brother-in-law)...

Monkey's next stop was to visit our wonderful friends in San Diego! Josh took him out there and left him there for Jon and Emily to take sight seeing!

Emily: "At the Studio Diner, a haunt we found via Diners, Drive-ins and Dives"
Monkey then headed to the East Coast with my friend Bert (and her mom, Mary) to visit her sister, Laura.

Monkey received music lessons from Laura.

Monkey also had some yummy food at a nice restaurant.

After all that Monkey stayed home for a little while before heading back out on the road, literally, road trips.

He went to Washington DC with Kayla. Kayla was in my small group and is Elijah's babysitter 95% of the time. There were 5 stops (different cities in different states) along the way.

Everyone on the trip seemed to LOVE Monkey. Can you blame them?
Monkey also went with Nicole, Jon, Annie and Jenna road tripping to Florida to visit the Gerhard's aunt and of course do some touristy things while there. 

Monkey with his friends

Monkey with the girls

Monkey then went to Chicago to visit my co-worker, Robyn, who moved there with her sister this fall. Upon arriving (via mail) he jumped on a plane with Robyn's sister for a business trip to Paris (rough, huh?)! *Pictures to come

Monkey is visiting my high school friend Rachel in Nebraska. (*Side Note: Rachel and I went to HS together, youth group and a Mission Trip. We both attended the same college, not the same time, for at least a year and we both married Youth Pastors named Josh and have sons named Elijah. We both love Photography and sell or sold Mary Kay. Our sister's are BFF and our parents are super tight...we were meant to be friends). *Pictures to come

Rachel will be sending Monkey on to New Mexico to visit Chelsea, a friend from my hometown who is studying in New Mexico. 

Well there is an update of our traveling Monkey!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has or is planning on helping me out with this project! It has been SO fun to see the adventures you take Monkey on. I can't wait to start making the scrapbook for Elijah! I look forward to the day when he is a little older and we can look through it and discuss the different places and people in his life!! 

**Remember, if you want Monkey to come visit you or take a trip with you, you can email me at daphnechristenson@gmail.com.

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