April 20, 2011

Top Ten Update

Here is a Top Ten update on my little boy...

10. Elijah's first tooth cut through the bottom this weekend. (*And I felt another one today, on top!)
9. Elijah attended his first Senior Retreat (and did great)! He LOVES the students! (and leaders)
Drew and Elijah in their matching MN Gopher apparel...

8 . He is rolling like crazy..and started army crawling a LITTLE bit.
7. He can sit for a few seconds when put in that position.

Reading a book
6. He LOVES giving Eskimo kisses, but he does it so fast and hard it hurts!
5. He loves doing the motor boat (thank you Grandpa Pat)...especially while eating!
4. He is getting better at taking longer naps...finally! (Rarely do we have a 20-30 minute nap anymore)
3. He gets so excited when Josh or I come home after being gone!
2. He loves going for walks outside and being able to look around!

He wasn't sure about me being so close to him. First walk of the seasons...
1. He is ready to wear 12 month clothing at 7 1/2 months!! He is tall like his daddy!

*Bonus: He discovered bubbles at childcare yesterday (yep, he went to work with me! I was in the Toddler Room and he was in the Infant Room). We tried them out when we got home!!

Checking out the bubbles...

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