April 26, 2011

Easter Recap

Elijah and I (and my sister, Kelsey and Pablo the Pug) headed to Staples for Easter, while our husbands stayed in the cities. Josh had to work (the life of a Pastor) and Mark helps with sound tech stuff.

From the minute we attempted to leave it was an adventure!!

Car adventures: trying to get Elijah's car seat base into Kelsey's car (that has a shoulder strap instead of lap belt), Elijah not wanting to take a nap, Pablo jumping into the backseat and scaring Elijah into a hysteria, and lastly Pablo being locked up in his kennel for the remainder of the drive where he continued to whine THE WHOLE WAY!!

BUT...who could stay mad at this face?!

Adventures while we were there: Throwing Kelsey a baby shower on Saturday and holding one Easter dinner on Saturday, Getting to meet my newest 2nd cousin (who is ADORABLE and so TINY), Hearing my Uncle Jim preach at his church, Elijah seeing his 3rd cousins (three of them), Having a second Easter lunch and getting to see a lot of family members!! AND Elijah learning to sit up for a long period of time!!!

The Mommy To Be at her shower

Reading with Great Grandpa Kenny and 3rd cousin Tommy

Elijah with Grandma and Grandpa Griffith

Elijah and Uncle Leighton

Then once we were home we gave Elijah his first Easter basket from mom and dad.

"Is this egg for me?"

While all the adventures leave for great pictures and good stories it still doesn't compare to the reason for Easter and that is that Christ is Risen!

How did you spend your Easter? Any good stories?

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