March 25, 2012

Cake Cones

Cake Cones. Have you heard of them? Have you tasted them? They are yummy. I did not believe that you could bake cake in ice cream cones, but you can and it is good! Oh did I mention they are super easy?!

All you do is get a cake mix (or if you are one of those Betty Crocker types and can make your own like it's no body's business, then do that) and make it according to the box/recipe...

Line a 9x13 cake pan with 12 cones at a time. (*batter makes 24)
Then fill the cones 3/4 the way full with cake batter.

Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes.

Let cool completely, then....


*Holly's beautiful cupcake!*

Now go bake a batch and enjoy!

You can also purchase a Ice Cream Cupcake baking sheet at Joy Cone Company. (Not an affiliate link)


  1. oh so cool! :) New follower from Monday Mingle!

  2. We love these at our house! Thanks for linking up with Strut Your Stuff Saturday. We're hoping you will join us again next week with more great ideas! - The Sisters


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